Outsourcing is for companies with no room for additional managerial duties

Your company may be better suited for outsourcing if IT supervisors are unable to manage additional employees. An outsourcing firm will provide you with a team that will abide by the terms outlined in your contract. The outsourcer is responsible for training this team, explaining their individual responsibilities, and conducting performance reviews.
Outsourced workers create a less stressful learning environment by giving your permanent staff more time to adapt to new processes. Assigning tasks to contract workers will help your company transition more seamlessly during these transformative periods that require your in-house staff to embrace new technologies or project management approaches.Outsourcing further allows businesses to work at scale, adding in new team members or releasing them as needed during IT development.

Consider the Hybrid Approach

If outsourcing or staff augmentation isn’t meeting your needs, consider a combination of the two. Combining outsourcing and staff augmentation is a hybrid approach that allows you to work interchangeably with outsourced teams and augmented staff at different points in the development process, starting from the initial development phase until completion of the project.In-house workers have an array of responsibilities to fulfill. In the IT world, these duties are often set alongside short time frames to meet project goals. Whether you choose staff augmentation, outsourcing, or a hybrid approach, companies and employees will benefit from the additional staff that saves time and money.